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Hi guys, title explains it all really my shine ray bike until recently when i filled it up at the petrol tank keeps spluttering once it reaches 3000-5000 revs in each gear and i took the carb apart and cleaned it and it made the problem go away for a day or so and now i did exactly the same today but has made no improvement and if i can get it started when i revs higher than 5000 revs it eventually cuts out and then it wont start on the electric start and takes about 5-10 kicks to start again.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated i may record the bike and what happens to give more of a specific description of the problem if you need to know any more information about the bike problem then please feel free to message me Privately or post in the topic

Thanks Nige

check your fuel/air mix. if thats off you could just be flooding the engine try changing the plug as well. mine had the same problem, plug kept overheating. changed it out for an NGK one and it was good as new :)


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