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Shineray XY 125 TT
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:29:21 AM »

Good night to everyone.

I am known as the Balasteiro in the world of two wheels and also outside

I am 40 years old, I am married and Father of the Gonçalo, who is 14 years old and that is a first rule, and we have a baby of 5 years who is called Tomás, and is a first rule

In the motorbike world, I started with a Yamaha Neo's, making it 4,000 miles, then moving on to another 50, the Gilera Runner 50DD, doing 200,000,000 miles, selling it and getting a few years without a motorcycle.

Now with the good news of the law of 125, there I went right to the stand, buy my first 125, Honda Lead 110, scooter this very robust but for what I wanted, it was not very suitable because it was very limited at maximum speed , thus compromising long-term reliability, since I do on average 80 km every day.

after realizing this, I traded it for the elegant and very comfortable Honda S-Wing 125, this yes already gave me much comfort and low consumption.

As I was still not happy, I wanted to experience a change, Honda Varadero XL 125 V, and of course it was love at first sight, after I bought it, I already did 19,000 thousand km, it has given me many joys.

the pet was getting, and of course I went to take the letter,

There I had to buy my Girl NC 700 XA, which now counts with 25 000 km, of the month of June, year 2013

I currently have the following motorbikes
- Honda Varadero XL125 L 2010 with 14850km black color
- Honda Wave 110 I of 2016 and has 3350 km, red color
- Shineray XY 125 TT 2015 counts only 3000 thousand km, red and white

I am a military man by profession, I am in the Navy for 8 years, which will be done God willing on May 29 next, which I really like because I do what I like

Well, I think that's enough, but what a great testament

That hug to everyone full of good turns

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