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Fell over now it wont run
« on: September 06, 2015, 08:39:07 PM »

I need some help. The bike fell over on the trail and now it wont run. Will get a good solid pop and smell fuel but the bike wont start. The owner was working on it in the field and was able to get the bike loaded on a truck and brought to my house. Before it was brought to me, as I understand, they killed the battery, tried to push start it, but all they got was a popping sound. Then they took the carb off, took the head off and examined the piston and everything looked okay. Still the bike would not do anything but pop.
When it arrived at my house the battery was dead so I put it on a charger. With the battery charged I would get nothing more than a pop and if I opened the throttle a little it would pop louder. No smell fuel no matter how long you cranked it over. Checked the spark plug and it was try, giving good spark but dry. Took the carb apart and it was dirty but not to the point of not working. Cleaned it up and noticed the air\fuel mix screw was out four full turns. Turned it to 2.5 turns out and put it all back together and back in the bike. Now we can smell fuel after cranking for a while. She gives a good solid pop like it really wants to start. Have a new CDI we have tried and it does the same. I do not believe it is electrical because I have spark and the carb has nothing electrical. 
My thoughts now are that this bike is 180 degrees out. The only way this could have happened would have been while the owner and his helpers took the head off. But then I would have to explain why the bike did not start first. Could have been that the bike was flooded and then the battery was dead?
Would love to have any help that you can give.

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