Author Topic: Shineray X2X Dualsport Ride through Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan Provinces  (Read 2808 times)


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As the Citie too long, and now the time to constantly update the sub a few days, today sent to the operator where to where. I, Flash brother, Yoko, wood, Liu Colombia, wild baby, winter melon, the starting line of a few people along the (Sichuan) Panzhihua City - Miyi - Dechang County - Xichang City - Zhaojue County - Leibo County - Yongshan County - Suijiang County - Pingshan - Yibin - Yibin City - jiangan county - Luzhou City - Lu County - xuyong County - Xingwen County - (Yunnan) Wilson County - Zhenxiong County - (Guizhou) Hezhang County - Weining County - (Yunnan) Huize - Qiaojia County - (Sichuan) will be the East County - Huili County - Panzhihua City is a lap back, which received a warm reception Luzhou brothers, here is feeling grateful to them.

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